Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here are the new updates for the Blog!

For the most part, this summer has just flown by. James, Chris, and Katy came out to visit for the 4th of July and Mom's birthday. It was wonderful to have them out here! William and I both have jobs that we enjoy. I am working as a teacher at a Montessori school. I love it! I usually come home pretty beat at the end of the day. William is working at an electric company. There are some good skills that he is learning in that line of work. In just a few weeks though, we will all three (William, James, and I) be heading back to school. William will be a Senior at Franciscan, James will be a Junior at Thomas Aquinas, and I will be a Sophomore at Thomas Aquinas.

Danny's voice is changing and he is loving it! :) He will often try to say something in a high voice just to hear his voice crack. Kevin is...well...Kevin. He is always on the go. In September he will be turning 10. It is amazing how big they both are! Danny has grown at least two inches just this summer. No doubt they will both be quite changed by the time James and I come home for Christmas.

Mom and Dad are wonderful. They are LOVING being grandparents! It is adorable to see Dad holding Anna and talking to his little granddaughter. Mom can get Anna to smile so big for her. This is a picture of Mom smiling at Anna and the happy response. (I also think that Anna looks alot like Moira in this picture)

I am finally able to update our family blog! :) Lets start with James. He is working on a ranch this summer in Oklahoma with Mike's brother Chris. It sounds like they are having tons of fun out there. The Lawlesses are hosting him which is just wonderful. We are so blessed to have them as our family. James is really loving being with them. On the first day there, he and Chris found a doe with two fawns. When they approached her, she ran away with one of the fawns but the other stayed behind. James, of course, was not going to let this golden opportunity pass. As a result, they now have a cute little pet fawn. They fed her on cow's milk from one of the Lawless's cows. Here is a picture of James with his little fawn, Freida.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aunt Bridget/godmother fell asleep with her goddaughter

Mommy and the Baby